Using Windows Desktop Search from Mew

You can use Windows Desktop Search (WDS) from Meadow 2, 3 and NTEmacs.

Installing WDS

To install WDS, visit the WDS page.

The Suffix

To make indexes of e-mail messages, you need to add the ".mew" suffix to them. For more information, refer to the suffix page.

Installing "wdsgrep"

To use the indexes from Mew, you need "wdsgrep" made by Mr. Inoue.

"wdsgrep" depends on "Microsoft .NET Framwork 2.0". Please install it with "Windows Update".

Then install wdsgrep to a directory where Emacs can execute.

Searching Messages

Type "kM" in Summary mode only once and you will get indexes for the e-mail messages.

At the same time, "wdsgrep" registers the indexer of Outlook Express for the ".mew" suffix. Thanks to this, indexes are automatically made for newly stored e-mail messages.

Please refer to the Search section of the Mew manual for concrete usage.

Language Limitations

We believe none but have tested only for English and Japanese.