Using Hyper Estraier from Mew

Hyper Estraier is a search engine which can handle massive files. Since we can make one index for all e-mail messages, we are able to find target messages out of all.

Hyper Estraier can be used on Unix, Mac and Windows. It does not collaborate with OSes, indexes are not automatically created. Users should periodically update the indexes.

Installing Hyper Estraier (UNIX, Mac)

Hyper Estraier requires QDBM. You should install the newest versions for them.

Installing Hyper Estraier (Windows)

First, install Cygwin. And configure PATH with the control panel. You should add "c:cygwinbin" by default.

Then install the Windows binary of Hyper Estraier. QDBM is not necessary. Again, configure PATH with the control panel. You should add the directory where you installed Hyper Estraier.

Searching Messages

You should type "kM" periodically to update the index for the current messages. Then, "mewest" is called, and it updates the index. Entries for deleted messages are removed and entries for new messages are created.

If you want to update entries for the messages in the current folder, type "km". It would be much faster than typing "kM".

It's a good idea to execute "mewest" from "cron". No augments are required.

Please refer to the Search section of the Mew manual for concrete usage.

Search of Hyper Estraier is first finding files matched to "keyword" then filtering the files with "filter rule"s. So, Mew asks a user to input "keyword" and "filter rule".

For example, to find messages which are matched to "keyword" and which are from "alice" and to "bob", type as follows:

Hyperestraier pick pattern: keyword
Hyperestraier filter: from=alice to=bob

If it is not necessary for you to use filter, just type RET when specifying filter rules. Note that "keyword" cannot be omitted. When you want to omit "keyword", you probably should use "?" instead.

Language Limitations

We believe none but have tested only for English and Japanese.